If you are looking for Web design, SEO , Mobile App, e-Shopping Cart or any other kind of web based services, you reached the most perfect website. With over a decade of service in web based solutions, Infosphere web technologies, Palakkad is now in the process of conquering the latest technologies in all the above mentioned domains. During the past decade we could create web based solutions to hundreds of customers from Kerala, India, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE, USA and UK. Infosphere is very keen in employing the most modern technologies on our design and that’s why we create solutions that are fully responsive and mobile device compliant. Most of the websites we create are using the wordpress CMS. The infrastructure we use to build and host the websites are ensured to be using up-to-date technology.

Web design services

Three different web design packages are available. These are Basic package (Static INR 7499 / CMS: INR 9499), Business package (Static INR 10099 / CMS INR 12099) and Premium package (Static INR 14999 / CMS INR 16999). All the packages are inclusive of Domain name and hosting space. Full technical support is available for all these packages. All the packages are flexible for suitable upgrades.

SEO Services

SEO Services are one of the major services offered by Infosphere web technologies. As in the case of web design the SEO services are also offered in convenient packages. Since the SEO is generally closely related to specific areas the packages are designed the relevant coverage area like Country, State, District, and Town etc.  Apart from this the packages are offered as basic package, advanced package and Aggressive package.

Shopping Cart Development

With the aim of catering to the development need of Electronic shopping cart in the wake of demonetization and digital India concept we are providing the E-commerce shopping cart setup. These carts are fully supporting all the latest mobile platform and are fully responsive. The major specialty of the Infosphere shopping cart is the affordability.

Infosphere is using most modern techniques and platforms for web site design and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) process. Infosphere has a variety of SEO Package offered at a very reasonable price for each of the regions. Packages are design to suite any industry or business. Keyword based phrase combination is the specialty of SEO Services of Infosphere

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Web Design services company

Web design services company develops the online presence to your organization in the internet world. Responsive Web design services company also serves as the developer for a show case for your products and services. Making this entry-point in-line with the search trends and standards in the online world is as important as maintaining your main business office.

The preliminary goals of the web design services is to make the visitors read and understand what you have to say, contact you by call, or to enable the customer to have live chat sessions with you. The conceptual Responsive web design services skills have to play an important role in design of a successful website.

Infosphere is one of the leading Responsive web design services company with state-of-art, industry-standard infrastructure to design, develop and maintain this business frontage for you. We host your website with the up-to-date server technology and hosting platforms to ensure your web site’s seamless availability across the web. Infosphere’s web design services skills which is fabricated thru more than a decade ensures delivery of a state-of-art websites for their client.

So far Infosphere designed more than 500 unique websites in the tenure of 11 years. The sites include static websites, dynamic sites, shopping carts, web portals, e-commerce sites and many.

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SEO Services Company


SEO services or the Search Engine Optimization services basically acts like a road map pointer on the web world which with the help of search engine fetch visitors to the website. Based on the keyword relevant to the business or services hosted by the website owner, the site has to be optimized for search engines so that when browsing community send queries to the search engines the clients website will be listed in the search engine result page.

Infosphere web technologies have all the know-how’s and tools and technology to undertake search engine optimization services in full scale. The Infosphere have already provided SEO services to many organizations and brands in India,Bahrain,UAE and USA.

For getting desired presence in the search engine results the website owner has to make the site contents and the social presence etc fully compatible to the search engine algorithms. The correct keywords need to be identified and analyzed properly. The SEO services are needed to a website on a continuous basis. Timely analysis of search keywords is mandatory. Necessary articles need to be developed in the client’s websites and other websites. Link building is yet another process that is mandatory to have the desired ranking in the search results.

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Google Ad services company

Google Ad Services is an online advertisement service designed by Google Inc. Though the service is directly accessible to the customer techniques like keyword research, placement tactics and regular assessment are mandatory to have effective utilization of the service. Variety of advertisement placement methods are available in Google Ad Services like pay per click and pay per display etc. It is also necessary to analyze the keywords and determine and develop a strategy for placement of the advertisement.

The type and nature of Google Ad Service package differs from case to case. The right combination of Google advertisement services parameter selection and Google ad strategy planning ensures the most efficient utilization of the advertisement fund and result in saving the revenue on behalf of the customer. Context sensitive advertisements designed by our veteran experts who have a very long experience in analyzing the keywords and determining the right media to place your Google ad words ensure your reach the most appropriate audience. We have a very long experience in analyzing the media and keyword research that are unique in nature. Industry specific search terms are easily researched by our Google Ad Experts very easily.

Best keywords ensure maximum clicks for your Google Ads. We run text and display ads across so many websites.

App Development Services Company

App Development Services company

App development Services is the process of designing and developing of Application software that can be installed and run on mobile phones and other portable hand held devices such as tablet PCs. As the targeted runtime environment for App is low-powered devices it must be compact, efficient and simple. The App development is at its infant state and hence it is a cumbersome process as of now. Due to the very same reason the Mobile App development is a bit costlier option at the moment. Infosphere - the App Development Company as usual has already come up with first App development service for android smart phones.

Infosphere has three levels of android app development package to choose from. The scope of the package differs in each case. While the Basic Android Mobile App development package covers only information part of the organization. This package is suitable for those people who just want to present only information in the form of plain text / html and images only. The Standard Android Mobile App development Package covers photo gallery and Google map integration for location identity etc. The highest package Premium Android Mobile App development Package covers Forms like booking forms, order forms, quote requests etc as well as Dynamic News /Events/Product Presentation from word etc apart from all the elements of standard android mobile app development package.

AMP web design development services company

AMP Web Design Services Company

AMP web design services is the latest enhancement concept introduced in the web development concept. AMP is the short of accelerated mobile pages. Amp html, Amp js and amp Google cache are the latest developments happened in the web design domain. AMP stands for accelerated mobile pages which are designed specially to give high end support to the visitors from the mobile devices and portable devices. AMP projects ensure the fastest possible access to the webpage over mobile network. The websites who march along with the latest trends and standard are now started providing AMP support to their websites. Our company Infosphere as usual are there in the field of Responsive AMP web design services.

Compared to normal html pages which take long time in loading over mobile network, the Accelerated mobile pages (AMP) offer quick delivery of the pages over the network. AMP is a compact version of the webpage that has been optimized for the mobile environment. The AMP co-exist with the normal rich html pages. The AMP employed sites recognizes the clients coming from the mobile platform and quickly deliver them with the accelerated mobile pages instead of normal html pages. Infosphere web technologies have already started a move in this direction. Infosphere company offer great solutions to the existing websites and new websites to incorporate the power of the Responsive AMP technology

Shopping Cart E-commerce website development

Shopping Cart & E-commerce website development

Shopping Cart & E-commerce website development packages India, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain & KSA: With the recent trend of hike in Ecommerce, the demand for ideal Shopping Carts & Ecommerce website development packages in India UAE, Qatar, Bahrain & KSA has been subject to the attention of the e-commerce ventures, business and trade community. The Ecommerce websites and Shopping carts are now high in demand. Infosphere with their long standing experience in ecommerce are the no 1 in the region who are engaged in the development of e-commerce website packages in the region. With the state of art architecture of the ecommerce portals developed by Infosphere, the shopping and trading community both gets ample of advantages. Needless to mention that the ecommerce website development packages India UAE, Qatar, Bahrain & KSA will be the upcoming trend in the Web solution Industry.

E-commerce website development package is available in four versions. First is the Basic e-commerce website package which covers all the basic function of online e-commerce and is suitable for middle and small organizations. The next is Standard e-commerce Shopping cart website portal package, which covers some of the advanced functions such as featured item showcasing, multi-category listing, , advance product descriptions offer sales and payment gateway interfaces. The package is sufficient for any standard professional e-commerce portals. The others are the Enterprise e-commerce shopping cart solutions and custom online shopping carts solution.

web portal development services company

Web Portal Development Services Company

Web portals Development services company mainly does the construction of specialized websites that are concentrating in an area of service such as a matrimony portal, job portal, education portal etc. The functionality of the site including the search functions are concentrating the subject of the portal. Most of the time it is representing the information on a specialized subject or topic. It also includes transactions related to the subject. The functionality includes maintenance of the database related to the subject. Depending on the functional capabilities and scope of the application the web portals are classified as basic, standard, enterprise and custom.

For designing a successful web portal the project need to undergo an expert architectural process. The first and foremost is the design of the ideal database to suite the need of the web portal to be developed. The next advanced feature required for a good web portal is the advanced multi parameter level search that can quickly pick up the desired results on behalf of the user. The next important feature is the appropriate presentation layer for the portal. This is the one which satisfy the web portal users. The transaction layer should be easy to operate and the links are to be very consistent. Infosphere with their long standing experience in the field as a leading web portal development services company will be the correct choice for your web portal development requirements.


Online Reputation Management company

The master concept of Online Reputation Management service (ORM Service) is to manage various aspects of an individuals or a brands in the online medias including social media, blogs and other mentions. It is a concept overriding the traditional public relation management. Due to the influencing of the modern online culture, the online reputation management service (ORM Service) is now becoming a vital and inevitable service for brands and celebrities including the cine actors and politicians.

Due to the advancement of social media and internet culture and influencing created by the Online Reputation Management, online presence became a preliminary issue to become relevant in related internet searches and mention. ORM Service output can be even considered as an intangible asset of the individual or a brand. ORM service can be referred as a practice of shaping public perception of an organization or personnel like celebrity, politician, cine actor or business personnel thru influencing their online identity information.

The major aims of Online Reputation Management  service (ORM Service) is to monitor the reputation of a brand, organization or person on the online media and to address the issues of those contents which are by its nature potentially damaging their reputation and also by getting what the end-customer or a targeted audience has to say about. It also involves suppressing that content which are harmful to them and counter by replying the allegations.