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Web design company UAE offers Online shopping carts UAE, Ecommerce Websites UAE, Web Portals UAE, Dynamic website UAE, static Website UAE services in the region. Infosphere takes its role as web design company UAE with its unique infrastructure and design methodology. Highly cost effective solutions and easy to manage contents are the specialties that fit Infosphere in web design UAE. Infosphere uses WordPress as their web design UAE platform. The power of WordPress along with the unique flexible design standards applied on it makes the dynamic responsive website UAE easily manageable by the client with minimum maintenance overheads. Since the client has the power to make changes to contents using the editor login credentials Infosphere, the Web design company UAE, ensure that the contents of the website are up-to-date without applying addition web design UAE overheads. To meet the consistency requirements while presenting the website across diversified device platforms such as mobile phones, I-pads and display resolutions Infosphere ensure that the concepts of responsive web design UAE applied on the design. Various web design company UAE services offered by Infosphere web technologies are as follows:

web design uae web design company uae

Apart from the standard PACKAGE Infosphere – the web design company UAE accept orders for Web design UAE customized packages. The rate and quotation will be placed against the individual Web design UAE inquiries.

Web design UAE Static Websites

Web design UAE – static websites option is best for small organizations, companies and business in UAE who has to just present their web presence in UAE. The Web design UAE static website package includes domain name registration, storage space and one year hosting. The no of static web pages designed for subscriber of this web design package UAE service is from 5 to 15 pages. The additional web pages if required will be charged separately. The design will be completed within 1 week of acceptance of order. The cost of Web design UAE – Static website is between AED 500 to AED 1,400 for a Static website that consists of 5 to 15 static web pages. Infosphere, the web design company UAE apply Responsive web design UAE to the static websites which means that the web pages will be consistently available across diversified browsing platforms such as the mobile phone browsers, i-pad devices and desktop environment.

Web design company UAE Dynamic Websites

Infosphere, the web design Company UAE prepares websites that contains dynamic information at a very reasonable cost. Infosphere uses WordPress as the development platform. The special feature of the dynamic Web design UAE by the Web Design Company UAE is that the contents of the web page can be edited by the users themselves. Responsive Web design UAE designing concept is applied to all websites designed by Infosphere. The responsive web design UAE offers consistency across all the web browsing platforms such as mobile phones, I-pad devices and desktop environment. Approximately 15 to 25 web pages are designed as part of the Web design UAE – dynamic website packages. Dynamic Web design UAE can maintain and present information from databases to the user. Dynamic Web design UAE can be applied to most of the websites that has to carry dynamic information such as price information, stock information and can be used in transactional databases. High-end security features are also associated with the dynamic Web design UAE by the Infosphere, The web design company UAE. The dynamic web design UAE Package costs between AED 2,100 to AED 5,400 for a design of up to 25 web pages.

Online shopping carts UAE Price INR 18000 to INR 25000

Online shopping carts UAE is becoming very popular after 2015. This is due to the UAE regional trend in switching of the shopping activities to the Online shopping carts UAE. As almost every one prefer to avoid the hassles associated with direct shopping and every one are connected to the internet, they can view examine and review the features of the product and order without physically visiting the shopping site. The customers can save a lot of their time and money by conducting their purchase activities through the online shopping carts UAE. Due to the full blown distribution mechanism developed in UAE the product purchased from the online shopping cart UAE will reach them very fast. The customers can be free from driving through the busy traffic of UAE and avoid crowded shopping floors and can examine and compare the features of the product to be purchased from online shopping cart UAE. The cost of developing a full-fledged online shopping cart UAE is priced between AED 3,700 to AED 6,000. The Online shopping cart UAE has unlimited number of product categories, sub-categories and product supported. Discount sales and other offers are the other master features of Online shopping Cart UAE. They cash on delivery methods and payment gateway interfaces such as PAYPAL can be associated with the online shopping cart UAE.

eCommerce Websites UAE Price AED 3,700 to AED 6,000

Along with the development ecommerce websites UAE are heavily in demand. The e-commerce websites UAE makes it possible to showcase and sell the product and services apart from creating an environment for electronically trading. The E-commerce websites UAE as designed by the Infosphere empower it to act as an e-commerce web portal UAE. The elaborate descriptions can be given to the product and services that are offered thru the E-commerce websites UAE. Broad classification and categorization can be provided to the products and services that you wish to present or sell thru the e-commerce website UAE. The invoicing, pricing and transaction modules are already associated with the e-commerce website UAE. Priced between AED 3,700 to AED 6,000 the e-commerce website UAE is the best option available to you to host a site for UAE. The design and other details of the e-commerce website UAE can be availed by contacting Infosphere web technologies the web design company UAE.

Web portal Development UAE Price AED 3,000 to AED 5,000

Web portal development UAE is of higher demand due to the increasing tendency in depending the internet and online media for internal business, trade and commercial activities in UAE. The strong web based platform for exchange and sharing of business and corporate resources makes it inevitable for the smooth conduct of the activities by commercial entities. Government agencies, corporate entities, research organization etc can best benefit from the web portal development UAE.