Business opportunity

                                                                                                      What is your Benefits

1] Opportunity to earn a good income
2] Earn recurring income when the customer renew the website
3] Project yourself as an authorized agent
4] Enjoy the benefits of our online promotions / online marketing

What We Offer

1] Ready made Mobile friendly websites (Registered, Hosted, installed and configured websites as per your requirements) with following options,

a) You can choose your design style from our design collections
b) Upload your customer logo
c) Copy and paste the customer’s data into pre-made web pages
d) Upload required photos for respective web pages

2] As our Marketing Support,

a) Create Web page about you as an authorized agent in website
b) You can make use of web design packages for marketing
d) You can refer the wordpress website designed by infoSphere as model

What You Have To Do

1] show the website models to your client and confirm the order
2] Send the site name and information required for registration along with payment for the selected package
3] Choose Design style, Upload logo and paste your customer’s data into pre-made web pages.
4] Finalize & Deliver the website

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